Saturday, August 10, 2013

Well, what amazing camp...
I can't describe the experience that i have had this past week at Woodward Tahoe... My summer was made in this past week... I remember that feeling i had when i first knew i was going, and when i left for the camp... i was worried my hopes were too high and that i might be disappointed but NO i was blow away and the way i used and see digital media has COMPLETELY changed! So thank you to the entire staff and and all the campers for being so supportive and kind and helping me with anything and everything! I am so grateful to have had that opportunity Thanks again Woodward Tahoe for making this past week one ill remember for the rest of my life, Another HUGE Thanks to Paul Heran, Alex and Ryan!! You guys are the best!! !!
So please tell me how you like the new me and check out my edit that i made this past week!!

Hope You enjoy,
Morgan Tien
 — feeling excited.